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Posted on March 16 2017

When people think of the Janod toy company, the first thing that springs to mind is quality…and a very close second place is the fact that this French toy brand has an uncanny knack of designing classic educational toys that children just can’t seem to put down!

This award winning toy brand was founded by Louis Janod in 1970 in the small Eastern French village of Orgelet. Over the years, Louis and the Janod team have found a niche in crafting traditional style toys whilst also maintaining a contemporary design and consistently introducing new features.

At Good to Play Toys we admire the dedication to quality that is characteristic of Janod’s French heritage. To this day, the talented toy designer continues to craft sturdy educational toys that exhibit a superior graphical and aesthetic edge, while forging unique connections between children and their toys. This unrivalled beauty and practicality stems from the fact that these toys are designed “through the eyes of children”, and this ethos is showcased in their fabulous educational toys, wooden toys, learning games and puzzles, pretend play toys, and musical toys.

The past 45 years have seen children from all around the world benefit from these high quality learning toys and Janod pride themselves on crafting products whilst following these basic, yet invaluable tenets:

Playful and Intelligent:  Have “an uncompromising approach for making every moment a learning moment: push – fit – build – draw – create – listen – imitate… and grow!”

Sturdy and Reassuring:  Produce “toys that meet all current standards and regulations, produced in association with Bureau Véritas… Let’s ensure that our children have fun in a completely safe atmosphere!”

Joyful and attractive:  “Maintain the emotional bond created between children and their toys, to foster new vocations, to bring forth the expression of new talents… and to be happy to share unique moments with those we love!”

Early on, Janod’s focus was solely around traditional toys like spinning tops, yoyos, and simple ball games, however, as the brand evolved, the range has been expanded to include children’s musical instruments, magnetic toys, stacking blocks, and wooden and cardboard puzzles. Janod are recognised for their commitment to quality and tradition, yet their contemporary range also demonstrates versatility and innovation.

Another great reason that we love this brand is that the wood utilised to craft its wonderful products is obtained from certified FSC sources, which means the wood originates from responsibly managed forests that preserve biodiversity, the ecology, as well as protecting the rights of indigenous people.

It is no secret that at Good to Play Toys we absolutely adore the Janod range and here is a snapshot of a couple of our favourite products:

Giant Magnetic Rocket

The great giant magnetic rocket is one of the brands’ classic wooden toys and a much loved favourite of ours. The sturdy pieces are held together with magnets and are made from solid, chunky pieces of wood. This toy is great in encouraging a child’s problem solving ability as well assisting with the development of both gross and fine motor skills.

The Janod giant magnetic rocket also looks great as a room decoration and comes complete with an astronaut who can be taken out of his rocket to play. The giant magnetic rocket is suitable for children aged between 2-6 years.

Janod - Giant Magnetic Rocket


 Frappa Balls

Frappa Balls have the potential to keep your little one entertained for hours on end while providing valuable learning along the way. Hammer games and ball tracks are enjoyed by kids of all ages and the Janod Frappa Balls combine both fun and learning, which we think make them a fundamental choice for the playroom.

The Frappa Balls are created from wood and designed specifically to increase a child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Additionally, they are incredibly easy to operate – simply hit the ball with the hammer and watch it roll down to the bottom and bump the little bell at the end of the track…..ding! When your children are finished playing, simply slot the hammer back into place and pack these fantastic Frappa Balls away for easy storage.

Janod - Frappa Balls


Chic Maxi Cooker Kitchen

Guess who’s cooking up a storm with this wonderful wooden kitchen set? The Maxi Cooker Kitchen is a must have for budding chefs in the family and perfect for encouraging imaginative play. The Janod Maxi Cooker creates the ideal little kitchen environment, coming fully fitted out with an oven, hotplate, sink and utensils to ensure hours of cooking fun! Whilst either stirring the pot or adjusting the temperature dials, your mini master chef will be having fun while developing their fine motor skills and using their imagination to create the next culinary delight.

Janod - Maxi Cooker Kitchen


For over 4 decades, Janod wooden and educational toys have been recognised for their commitment to quality, educational value, environmental principles, and social responsibility – we look forward to Janod continuing with these fabulous ideals.

Visit the Good to Play Toys website to explore the wonderful world of Janod and discover for yourself why so many children and families worldwide just love this French Toy brand!

This Tree House Blog was written by: Good to Play Toys

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