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The wooden doll’s house is one of the classic children’s toys, and enables lots of group play with friends or adults or hours of solo fun exploring imaginative fantasies. Every child will love interacting with the dolls, figures, accessories and furniture of a wooden doll’s house, and there’s plenty of opportunity to learn, grow and explore while doing so.

Children need to understand their domestic environment, their role within it and the roles of others in the family unit. They can learn to do so with play that encourages them to investigate the relationships between figures in the home and the different characteristics and functions of their environment. A wooden doll’s house is a great way to get involved in your child’s play without intruding or overriding their wants and needs, and helps both you and them to understand one another’s thinking processes. Similarly, children will enjoy sharing and joint play with others when it comes to interacting with doll’s houses.

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