Eco Toys

A Fabulous selection of Eco Friendly Toys for your children.

More than ever, it’s important for children to understand their natural environment and the roles and interactions between humans and the planet. Children who grow up using developmental aids that explore the importance of ecological concerns are more likely to benefit from a better understanding of the environment and a love for the natural world. Eco toys can encourage this through solo play or with the guidance of a parent, who can explain the importance of recycling, environmentally aware manufacturing, animal husbandry, pollution and more.

Our range of eco friendly toys has been carefully curated from developmentally friendly producers who use sustainable practices. While some parents may prefer wooden or cloth eco toys, some manufacturers like Green Toys produce hard-wearing plastic toys made from 100% recycled materials. Recycled plastic toys don’t break down easily, meaning they can last throughout the childhood of more than one and be passed from sibling to sibling or to younger friends. In addition, we carry a number of playsets, activity books and development aids that are ideal for teaching children about ecological practices’

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